Every business needs a bookkeeper...

Seriously thats pretty important. Now, we can probably assume that if are reading this is because you have been keeping track of your own expenses with a spreadsheet or maybe even an online service. You probably have done taxes yourself and are now wondering if there's an easier way to get this stuff done without keeping so many receipts everywhere or just because you don't want to do it. You may have even tried contacting a big bookkeeping company or one of those partners advertised in the online accounting software websites.

We know this because we have done it too. So why are we trying to sell you a service that you can get almost anywhere? Cost and well service. But yes, cost. Think of us as an extra appendage to your businesses when it comes to bookkeeping. You know you need it, its important to prepare everything for tax season, and you just like to be neat and organized for the sake of the pride you have in what you do. Again, we know this because we feel the same. 

The service we give you is the service you would like someone to give you when it comes time for tracking your receipts, expenses, reports, and preparing for taxes. We screen our clients just as much as they do us, to guarantee we can work together and handle their specific needs. 


How does it work

  1. You sign up to our membership
  2. We contact you and go over what type of system you have in place and what we can do for you. 
  3. We setup you up as a Quickbooks client and show you how to take pictures of your receipts from you phone and send it to use for recording. 
  4. You can log in and check you books any time.
  5. We work with you each step of the way and help you analyze reports to better plan your costs and expenses.
  6. The cool thing is we are doing the exact same thing for EhSpook so you get the same service we provide ourselves everyday. 

What is included

  1. Quickbooks for self-employed. If your business needs more features let us know and we can get the larger plans for you and give you our discout.
  2. The service fee covers our actual work in setting your quickbooks account, familiarizing ourselves with what you currently have and migrating your current system into an online platform. If you would like us to continue managing your books using your current setup, either via spreadsheets or another program, we can. Depending on what it is, we may incur an additional fee during the familiarization stage. We handle these on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Support and chat with our bookkeepers. Based on availability of course but we can ensure you can call us anytime and we can schedule a time to go over your questions.