Why EhSpook

Here is the thing. You are trying to start you small business. Maybe you want to sell online a pair of shoes that you hand-made, or provide dance lessons in the evenings. You probably seen the attention you friend's business got by putting up a few images of his t-shirt business online and figured you want some of that traffic action. Or you keep seeing commercials and ads trying to convince you to take social media and the internet in general serious if you want to reach more people than your network of friends.

Now you are decided to take your business to the web and started comparing rates from businesses and your little brother's friend in high school telling you he can build a website for you for dirt cheap. Well, we been there. Some of us even went with our brother's friend since we figured we're just starting out, so it won't hurt.

The truth is, how serious you take your business will show in you website. We have seen and taken sites made this way and somehow make it through the years. They even brought in business and provided just enough for customers. Fortunately, there are web hosting services out there that are so cheap that no one really needs anyone to build a site for them anymore unless they have special needs. Why are we telling this? Because its the truth.

The other part of the truth is that it still feels like making websites has become even more complicated because of all the options avaialble.

So how do we come in? We are a small business just like you! Yes, we want you to know that because to us its important that our clients know we relate and experience many of the same headaches and successes they do. We also enjoy helping small businesses develop and grow. Our purpose in providing these services is to encourage small businesses to help small businesses. With the growth of self-service products and DiY services, we want to provide a service that makes using these great products even easier. 

With that in mind, we do have limited availability for our services. Because we devote time and energy in making sure each of clients gets personalized service and support we do not yet have an assembly line approach to our services. Every time a new client signs up for a membership or reaches out to us via chat or phone, we take our time to see if they are a good fit for what we offer just as much as deciding if we fit their needs. We are not afraid of recommending other products and service that helps potential clients better than us. Why? Because thats what real service should be. 

When you find someone local or get referral from a friend about a service that could help you, you expect your needs to be respected and maybe even meet them in person to make sure they do what they say they do. Well, we expect the same. Thats why every client will be get a chance to speak to our team and the owners. This ensure we meet our clients as close to face-to-face as possible and ensure that we mean business. 

So what does that say about our services? We offer basic plans and packages to meet the needs of starting and continuing businesses. We do not promise you big traffic on your site nor expensive marketing just to get you on the first page of any search engine. We focus on building small businesses through their monthly needs and scale their needs as their budget grows and we see their need. All of our plans include some level of consultancy so don't worry if you are not sure if you need more services that what you paid for. 

Plus, we really enjoy the software-as-a-service and product-as-a-service movement and we haven't noticed many offer actual services instead of just support via phone or chat. So we decided to make that a thing. Now you can purchase a plan and upgrade or downgrade as you wish. Take a look at the plans we offer below.


This is one of our most popular services because it allows us to provide a broad range of services within the scope of web related tasks.

We set up hosting, installing plugins and extensions, troubleshooting email configurations when using SMTP, purchasing domains and creating DNS records for 301 redirects or to point subdomains to new hosts, setting up a google gsuite account and preparing you business email and aliases. These are but a few of the many tasks we help and provide our client with.


I'm sure you have heard or someone has told you to let someone else do the work that needs to get done but that has nothing to do with you what your business is about.

There real truth in that. As a small business we have a lot going on, and unfortunately we don't have employee or just anyone at our disposal to delegate all the work we do not want to do. Not without having to spend more and take on all the overhead that comes with hiring more people when the business is barely taking off. 

So what we are trying to say, is to think of us as that person or team of people you can delate all that work to. We can't help you sell your custom made scarfs or that any real estate in particular. But we can take care of your bookkeeping why you do!


Logos, editorials, brochures and other print work, web design, user interaction and experience, banners, social media posts, and more.

Service Packages

Besides our individual services, we have packages that help you save throughout the month. 


Why are the prices so low?
How does it work?

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