Web Maintenance

The first step in getting your online presence is having a website. You probably heard of hosting platforms that make building your first site a breeze. These are great but even the easiest one requires familiarity with DNS, Setting up email and other plugins such as bookings and payment gateways so you can accept credit cards online. Can you do this alone? Absolutely. Should you? That depends on how much time you have to spend on learning and setting it up, even if you are comfortable doing it. So if you decide that you could be spending you time on you business or could use some help, then you can give our web service a shot.

How it works

Our web service supports all of the popular hosting platforms like weebly, wix, shopify, and wordpress.com. You tell us what type of business you have and we do the rest.

  1. Purchase the subscription
  2. We get in touch
  3. What type of business do you have?
  4. You pick the hosting platform and if you need a custom domain
  5. The rest depends on you and what you need.

What is included

  1. Setup of a basic website on any of the popular hosting platforms. We only support free tiers from these services, but normally you need to pay additionally for a custom domain and email from them. You only pay us for helping you set everything up and maintain it so you don't have to learn to do it all and instead focus on what you do best. 
  2. We can setup your business email. We currently support the GSuite from google because its relatively inexpensive and popular. Call us regarding other services or even manual SMTP servers. We will invoice you for the extra time these other solutions take. 
  3. We can help you with your domain registration and DNS records. If you need to setup a subdomain and point it to an external server IP, or a redirect between domains, we help with that too. 
  4. Setting up plugins and extensions within the hosting platform can sometimes be tricky. For example, to accept credit cards and paypal you need to setup a merchant account and test that your transactions are indeed going through. We can help with all that.  


  1. What about wordpress.org websites? The blog platform is one of the most popular out there, so how come we do not support it. Well, because setting it up is more involved and expensive process. It is also more manual in nature, even with hosting services that have the one-click install setup. Our plan includes training to use the platform and to update your site if you want to. With Wordpress.org, that training is more in depth and that brings our prices up. Luckily, if you have one of these sites or wish for us to provide that service, let us know and we can adjust our membership price for you.